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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Rumour Mill: Fire In The Hole!

Report by Tyler "Ty" Deschanel

As Paris Hilton adds Lindsay Lohan to the growing list of her former gal pals, wealthy friend Brandon Davis has again weighed in on the "Freaky Friday" star.

My spies spotted Davis clubbing with Hilton and then launching into a tirade about Lohan's genitalia, dubbing her "Firecrotch" while fixating on her freckles and red hair down there, but then denying ever having seen her naked because he doesn't find her attractive.

He also refers to Lohan's ex-boyfriend, "That '70s Show" star Wilmer Valderrama, saying, "Who would want to f*** her? Who? Wilmer? Is Wilmer like in a mariachi band?" and then brings in Lohan's dad, who he deemed "hotter than (Lindsay)."

Davis heaps on the insults, finally commenting on her financial worth.

"I think she's worth about $7 million, which means she's really poor," says the billionaire's grandson. "It's disgusting. She lives in a motel in New York."

All the while, Paris was seen walking next to Brandon, laughing at his comments and holding a cell phone up to her ear.

Paris Hilton's publicist told us this: "The only thing I want to underscore is the person making the statements was not Paris Hilton. It is unfair to characterize Brandon's statements as being reflective of Paris' feelings about Lindsay. We're dealing with two different people. It was Brandon who was speaking. Brandon was speaking for himself not for her... (Though off the record she completely agrees with him!)"

"Paris uses her cell phone as a defensive tool. Many times when you see her photographed in a crowd situation, she puts it up to her ear so she doesn't have to speak. Reporters were asking her questions about Lindsay that she did not want to answer, so she put her cell phone up to her ear."

VIN thinks this is a fantastic idea and often uses this same technique when Emilio Estevez tries to tell us about his new films.

Hilton has a history of breaking up with her friends. She and her ex-BFF Nicole Richie still aren't talking despite co-starring in the "The Simple Life". Hilton also fell out with vomiting-after-meals-fan Mary-Kate Olsen when she stole her boyfriend, Greek shipping heir Stavros Niarchos. Though it may have been Ashley Olson, they look quite similar.

Davis is the grandson of oil billionaire and film mogul Marvin Davis (no we haven’t heard of him either). Davis, once dated Drew Barrymore after she split with notorious goon Tom Green and most recently went out with one time O.C. star and current fast food waitress Mischa Barton.

With friends like these who needs enemies? VIN would guess not Lindsay Lohan that's who!


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