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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The Buzz: Kanye West is not Kanye Best!

Report by Mr Jones

Loud mouth rapper
Kanye West lived up to his crazy black man reputation by launching into a profanity laced outburst after failing to take home the gong for 'Best Video' for his 'Touch The Sky' promo at the MTV European Music Awards.

Crashing the stage as winners Justice and Simian collected their silverware for 'We Are Your Friends', the hip hop star spat, "F*** dis! (My video) cost a million dollars, Pamela Anderson was in it, I was jumping across canyons and sh*t! If I don't win, the awards show loses credibility. Nothing against you (Justice & Simian), but hell man!"

MTV bosses laughed this off as the show has no credibility anyway. His verbal tirade left audience members gasping but it didn't end there. After the show the offended star continued to vent his spleen at the press conference. He told the world's media he was upset because he had "the best video."

"I haven't seen (the Justice and Simian video). Possibly it could have been quite good but no way better than 'Touch The Sky'! That is complete bullsh*t, I paid a million! Obviously it's not all about the money, but the response it got transcended everything, it really made great TV! It took a month to film; I stood on a mountain; I flew a helicopter over Vegas! I did it to be the king of all videos and I wanted to walk home with that award!"

He said of the Justice and Simian's win: "That was some spread the love bullsh*t, 'Oh everyone should have an award'. Please press people print Kanye says F*** that!"

Even host Justin Timberlake was shocked but that didn’t stop him making a cheeky comment. The SexyBack singer quipped, "After the show, Kanye will be in the parking lot accepting awards he did not win. Seriously though, I've got sexy covered, it's good to see someone's doing crazy."

While the crowd laughed at his wisecrack it later emerged that Kanye’s burly bodyguards roughed him up while Kanye did indeed accept awards he didn’t win in the parking lot.


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