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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The Buzz: Die Hard Not Hard For Willis


Interview by Mr Jones

We caught up with action man and Moonlighting star Bruce Willis at his Southern California ranch to talk about his new upcoming actioner Die Hard 4.0. Director Len Wiseman came on board earlier in the week and has some radical plans for the film.

VIN: Bruce! Great to see you again! So how do you feel about Die Hard 4.0?

Willis: Well Mr Jones, I’m very excited about the pay check, it really will be a great opportunity for me to buy more stuff because quite frankly lately I haven’t been able to afford the usual amount of hookers and coke what with my career hitting the bricks. And really I'm tired of being a Homer Simpson look-alike - the money's not as good as it seems. Hopefully this movie will boost me back on top where I think I belong!

VIN: Great, great, so what do you think about Len Wiseman and his films?

Willis: To be honest I never heard of him, or his films, though I did see a bit of the Matrix and it looks similar. His wife is hot though.

VIN: And what do you think about the ideas Wiseman is hoping to introduce?

Willis: Yeah it’s good, it’s what the kids want nowadays what with their iPods and stuff. And man do I hate nerds especially internet nerds, I just wanna smash their stupid faces in! So in the film I will. And it’s a great opportunity to work with Sam Jackson again.

VIN: You mean Chris Rock?

Willis: Yeah, whatever they’re all the same.

VIN: Thanks for talking to us Bruce!

Willis: No problem Mr Jones! It's always a pleasure for Very Important News!


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