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Friday, May 05, 2006

Movie Review by Armitage Smith: Excessive Force

Excessive Force (2006)
Review by Armitage Smith

A pedrigree of high quality stars combine together to form the latest action flick to come out of D&T productions. These superstars include, STEVEN SEGAL (Undersiege 2), JEAN CLAUDE VAN DAMME (cameo in Friends Season 2), David Hasselhoff (German singing Sensation), CHUCK NORRIS (Exercise infomercials), BILLY BLANKS (Excessive Force) and Tom Conti .

Excessive Force is a story about sweet guilt free UN officials being taken hostage by an evil megolomaniac (played coldly by Mario Van Peebles of Highlander 3 fame). The team is spearheaded by an ever enigmatic Hasselhoff who uses all of his acting might to lead the brigade of social misfits (that are of course highly skilled in weaponary), into the UN headquarters.

I think Hasselhoff sums the movie up with a hilarious line he sings while dancing with the other team members to Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney's "Say Say Say" in the stripclub they all visit to gather information. "This is... Fun, Fun Fun!"

Choice scene: Billy Blank's character (John Black) meets Tom Conti (Alfred Quietfellow) in a dark alley.

John Black: What you looking at fool?

Alfred Quietfellow:

John Black: You goin all racial on me? You think I can't speak english? Thats not on fool!

Alfred Quietfellow:

John Black: You say er one more time and I'll kick your white ass back to England.

Alfred Quietfellow: um.. er... (Now more self assured and manly) Let's fight!

Cue one of the best hand to hand combat fights you will ever see on direct to video movies.

Who would have thought Tom Conti could wield Katana's while running up a brick wall let alone conceal them in his smarlty perssed grey suit! The movie is explosive to say the least!

Jean Claude Van Damme, Chuck Norris and Steven Segal should also get a mention as well, as they do not play just bit parts. The morris dance that they do together to infiltrate an Irish base, that contains vital information, is not only great to watch, but also very accurately done. They really show that they can move.

It isn't only action, song and dance too though, there is some sadness towards the end when Carmen Electra's character a sexy FBI agent/Nuclear physicist, ends up, much to Hasselhoff's dismay, breaking his heart.

Excessive Force, IS the direct to video film to watch this summer. The only dissapointment is that it all ends too soon and due to the mystery question posed by Steven Segal at the end, you are left hoping whether there really will be a sequel.



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